Monday, June 7, 2010

Can't Touch This

Well, jenny and I have left Galveston. But I'll tell you about the rest of our adventure! On the second day we went to Moody Gardens. I got a LOT of pictures! I'll post several of them. The pictures. I'll post several pictures. From Moody Gardens. I think you get what I'm saying.
Well, let me say, Moody Gardens are AMAZING! I LOVE them. Or maybe it's a it? I love it? No, I think it's a them. Sorry about the grammar confusion. I can't think straight at midnight on a saturday. Or any other day of the week, for that matter. But back to Moody Gardens. Moody Gardens=Awesomeness.
First we started in the Aquarium Pyramid. There you can buy your day passes (for 30$ you can go everywhere). From there you can obviously, tour the aquarium. Today when we went they were doing this shark passport thing, where you got a paper with different sharks on it and as you went through the aquarium and found the sharks you used the stamp located near the shark and stamped your "passport". It was fun. And they did a great job of designing the tanks so you feel like you're underwater.
After the Aquarium Pyramid, we moved on to the Rainforest pyramid. Now personally, I love this pyramid the most out of the three. They auctually built a rainforest inside. It's like Chuck-Norris-can-touch-MC-Hammer epic. Which trust me, is PRETTY epic.
After the Rainforest Pyramid, we went and got dippin' dots, which they have EVERYWHERE in Galveston, then went to eat lunch.
I think the best place at Moody Gardens to get lunch is at Palm Beach. They have a really huge menu there. The food is decent, but the menu there has the most selection.
After eating, Jenny and I headed to the Discovery Pyramid. There they have these motion-movies, which are movies with special seats that move. I didn't go on one (I'm deathly afraid of 3D, 4D, and motion movies), but Jennifer did, and the one currently showing is something about a log. But once you get out of that, you can go upstairs and they have a little museum, with changing exhibits.. the current exhibit is about immigration in the 1900s. It was kinda creepy though cause they had a KKK mask. And there was an old wagon with a TV on it (that's not strange...).
Right outside the Discovery Pyramid, there is a butterfly house, which is this screened building that they keep butterflies in. Jenny and I didn't go in that though, since we have one at the San Antonio Zoo.
We finished up at Moody Gardens around noon, so we headed to the beach. This weekend the Sandcastle Competition was going on. There were themes, such as Alice in Wonderland, Ipad, and How to Train Your Dragon. So they weren't like houses, but more along the lines of sculptures. And it wasn't required that you enter in one of the categories, so one person did the Giant Volcano In Iceland That No One Can Pronounce. And for the Ipad theme someone did an Ipad eating a person (And they wrote I byte. haha. Get it? Ok. Just make fun of me and my jokes... I can handle it... not... *Sob!*). Anyways, it was pretty awesome, so I'll post some pics (as in probably 20).
Of course, the one place you MUST eat in Galveston is the Rainforest Cafe! Although it is a little over-priced, it is pretty good and the inside of the cafe is AWESOME. Even if you've been to one near you, you should still go to this one, since it's different from the rest. You see, this Rainforest Cafe has a GIGANTIC volcano on top that usually has water running down it, but once it gets dark, very half hour a show runs, where the volcano bursts into flames and it's AWESOME. Mwahahaha :)

Well, that's all there was to our trip. It may not have seemed like much, but it was pretty exhausting @_@ My next trip won't be for a while (New Bedford, Massachusetts in July) so don't be surprised if I don't post for a while (after the pictures). I may post a little in San Marcus (I have an orchestra camp there). See ya later, Commers!

Oh yeah.. and the title was just kinda randomness. Yayyyyy randomness! XD

Friday, June 4, 2010

Road Trip to Galveston!

Good Morning sunshines! How are you today, Commers? Why I am doing quite well to-day, thank-you! I'm in the car (with jenny!) on my way to Galveston!!!! XD HERE WE COME GALVESTON!
Well, currently, Jenny is writing in her "journal" (it's a diary), and she won't let me see what it says. =_= SECRETS DON'T MAKE FRIENDS, AND FRIENDS DON'T MAKE SECRETS, JENNIFER! Haha. I'm just joshin with ya Jenny! ;) But yep, we're on our way. I ate a cookie before leaving to-day, and let me say it was a mighty fine cookie.
But since you probably don't care about what I ate for breakfast, let's discuss the car ride. To-day in the car (so far), I have learned what a Weigh Station {link] is. It's pretty interesting. They weigh trucks to make sure they're aren't too heavy so they don't tear up the roads (that our tax dollars pay for!).
We just stopped at Bucky's (a Truck stop in Luling, Texas), and I got pudding and gatorade (Gator park! haha!). And Jenny just let me read her journal entry. It was about how sad she was that the school year was over. She actually had a good school year, unlike me.
Well, there's nothing else to discuss, so I'll write either later to-day, tomorrow, the day after that, or at latest Monday. TTYL, Commers! Hello Galveston!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Next Stop-Galveston! Girl Scout Style~

Hello Commers! I'm back from Louisiana!
Now if you're wondering, "What the Sam Hill is a Commer?" let me say, if you Google/Bing/Yahoo search it, you won't find anything. I just made it up. That's what teenagers do. We make stuff up.
Anyways, it means commenters (which for are currently non-exsistant on this website). If you've ever watched Ray William Johnson, he calls the people who watch his vlogs "Form". Well this isn't a youtube video, and there isn't a form, HOWEVER, I do have a comments section, so PUT THAT IN YOUR JUICE BOX AND SUCK IT, RAY WILLIAM JOHNSON!
Yeah, that's another thing teenagers do. When we feel less popular then another person we start cracking jokes and stuff to demote the other person (demote is my word of the day, just FYI). But enough about me being a teenager. Moving on.

This is my last week of school. End of School=Summer=Vacation=Happy Sammie=Happy Parents. My first vacation this summer will be with my mom to Moody Gardens { which is in Galveston, Texas. I've already been there a couple times, but it's been a while. We were actually suppose to go for girl scouts and sleep in the Aquarium Pyramid (yeah, I'll explain about the pyramids after the trip, or click the link), but one of the moms of the younger kids said that "it smelled bad" and stuff so ALL of the girls decided they wanted to go to the USS Lexington in Corpus Christie instead. Well, 1)they waited until the WEEK before to change their decision, which is poor planning on their part, and 2)Jennifer (The other older girl besides me) and I have already been there, so we don't want to go again.
THANKS TO THAT MOM, the event got cancelled because there weren't enough kids going. Luckily, we planned on staying there a couple of extra days with my mom's, friend's, sister (don't ask...), so now instead we're just going to stay with her the entire time. In other words, instead of sleeping in the aquarium, like we were suppose to, we'll be staying in a friends house and visiting Moody Gardens during the day.
I suddenly remembered these ice cream hot dog things! You MUST HAVE ONE IF YOU GO! They have them in the Discovery Pyramid {
Well, that's all for now. See you in, oh, 4, maybe 5 days, Commers.

....I feel like an r-tard every time I type that, but whatever. I WILL PERSIST! I REFUSE TO WAVE THE WHITE FLAG (that's a good song. White Flag by the Gorillaz. Just saying.)

SHUT-UP! STOP LAUGHING AT ME! *she screams before running away, crying*
That's another teenager thing. Screaming is. And sometimes crying.
Anyways, I'm technically not here, so GOOD-BYE! (For realz this time)

...Ok, so I lied. One more thing to add-that link on Discovery Pyramid is to info about the Discovery Pyramid, not to the ice-cream hot dogs....

Monday, May 31, 2010

Here are the pictures nobody requested!

I am currently in the car, on our way back home, to San Antonio, Texas. Here are the pictures from gator park :)

For a 13 year old girl, I would say I take pretty good pictures.


The feeding show^^^

And a small aviary.

Did I mention they have Emus?^^^^

Baby Gators^^^^

Leaving Lousiana....

Gooood Morning _________ Family! (jk)
Yeah, I used to watch ABC's Extreme Home Makeover. But then every story sort of seemed the same to me, and I stopped. ANYWAYS, we're leaving Lousiana! Leesville, to be exact.I keep misspelling Louisiana. I want to spell it "Lousiana" but spell check comes along and reminds me, "No, you stupid child, it's LOUISIANA." But yeah, we were visiting relatives, as my brother in the military is stationed here. Actually, he's stationed in Fort Polk, but Leesville is as close as we can get.

We stayed in Best Western in Leesville, which is surprisingly nice. I mean, for such a small town, it's really nice. There's a nice sized continental breakfast. there's a LOT of different foods in it :) If you are traveling by car, or driving there though, let me say, the roads in Louisiana are CRAP! They are HORRIBLE!!!! Ridiculously bumpy!!
To-day, we went to the Alligator Park (in Natchitoches)! :D It was pretty awesome. They have a bunch of alligators all throughout the park (behind very secure fences and such, don't worry). For 7$ you can hold a baby alligator (with its mouth taped shut) and have your picture taken with it. The poor thing looked unhappy but I guess they gotta make money somehow =/There's also a show there where they hang raw chicken over the edge of a boat in a lake filled with gators and the gators come up and snap it up. It's pretty neat to watch.
Before you leave, there's a snack bar that serves cooked alligator near the gift shop. I didn't have any, but from what I hear, it taste like chicken. o.oSpeaking of food, we didn't eat out much, but if you go anywhere in Louisiana, you HAVE to eat some Cajun Fries. I'm not one for spicy food, but these were DELICIOUS. they weren't spicy unless you ate a bunch without ketchup :)

There really isn't much to do in the small town of Leesville, or anywhere within an hour drive, so if you want to go vacation somewhere, it's not exactly on my list of recommendations. Unless, of course, you want to learn about the military.
Pictures later-When I have the time! (on the car ride home today XD) I'll post soon! But until then, See ya later, alligator! (haha-get it, see ya later, alligator? Cause I went to a gator park? haha. yeah... never mind....)~


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome to Louisiana!

Hello! I'm Sammie, and I travel a lot (as you MAY have noticed by the title). I JUST turned 13 (yesterday was my birthday, thank you), and am currently in Louisiana. My Dad and mom LOVE road trips (but they don't take them together-they're divorced). I'll generally post pictures from my trip about where we went and what we did :) Hope to see some people on the site soon! :D